expertise in generator and solar system solution

Our generators are manufactured in house that includes all sheet metal work, powder coating, Assembly, wiring and testing. Only industrial engines and alternators are used, namely Scania, Cummins, Volvo, Perkins, Mtu, Mitsubishi and Kiloskar with MarelliMotori, Leroy Somer and Meccalte alternators. Our major brand controllers are Deep Sea but equivalent can be used. Solar systems are designed and build to customer’s requirements by using only quality products, namely SMA, Schneider, Victron, MLT, Microcare and Abb.  We will appreciate it, if you include our company, UNILEC POWER SYSTEMS, for consideration by your Tender Board, or on your vendor’s list, in the categories of generating sets / standby plants and Solar powered systems.

Sizes available: Diesel Generators from 10 KVA up to 2500 KVA stand alone sets and synchronizing off multiple generators up to the demand needed and solar systems  from 3kw and upwards, grid tied, off grid or hybrid.

Our services include:

• manufacturing of diesel generators
• base load and amf panels
• synchronizing of multiple sets
• synchronizing gens with mains for soft return
• installation, delivery and rigging
• plinths for canopy sets
• soundproofing of generator rooms
• diesel tank installations
• cabling
• maintenance and service contracts
• upgrading and repairs on existing generators
• diesel delivery
• Installation of solar powered systems


Standard Open Type Sets

Engine and alternator is coupled and mounted onto base tank via SABS approved anti vibration mountings. The diesel tank is manufactured

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Synchronizing Generators

Multiple load share generators up to 32 units can be synchronized with,by means of Deep Sea 8610 controllers. The controller monitors the generator

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Silent Generators

Sound & weather proofed canopies are manufactured of 2mm sheet steel and powder coated carrier beige. Any other colour can be painted to customers requirements at an additional fee.

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Sound Proofing

Padding of walls and ceiling with correct designed attenuators allows us to achieve noise levels on a typically 800kva set to be as low as 65 Dba.

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Containerized Generator Sets

Only new shipping containers are used for manufacturing generators ranging from 800kva - 2000kva. Noise levels on these setsare between 68 - 76 Dba @ 7 meters.

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Mobile Generator Sets

Mobile sets are built to customer requirements, this also includes a set of standard items.

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Solar Pump Installations

Pump installations are designed according to depth op borehole, gradient, lift, distance from borehole and amount of water required per day.

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Grid Tied

Grid tied for customers with a high kWh demand in day time. A grid tied inverter will reduce your current electricity bill by up to 50 – 80% when the sun is shining.

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Off Grid

Off grid systems are for customers that has got no electrical supply, or for those who needs to be completely or partly independent from the power utility provider.

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Three Phase Off Grid

36Kwh three phase total off grid solar system with two packs of 1380Ah battery packs for night usage, three x Victron 6,8kw inverters and 30 x 275w 60 cell Canadian solar modules.

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