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Silent Generators

Sound & weather proofed canopies are manufactured of 2mm sheetsteel and powder coated carrier beige. Any other colour can be painted to customers requirements at an additional fee. Silencer tail pipe will be stainless steel manufactured. The change over and control panel is mounted outside the canopy to ease the electrical cable installation. The sets are padded on the inside to achieve 65 – 75 Dba @ 7 meters with inlet and outlet attenuators.There are two excess doors on each side for maintenance purposes. Pad lockable containerised locking system provided on each door.

Canopy sizes

  • Canopy 20 – 40kva 2700L x 1000w x 1550H
  • Canopy 60 kva 3250L x 1100w x 1750H
  • Canopy 80 – 100kva 3700L x 1200w x 1900H
  • Canopy 125kva 3850L x 1300w x 1900H
  • Canopy 150 – 200kva 4500L x 1400w x 2210H
  • Canopy 250kva 4900L x 1500w x 2460H
  • Canopy 300 – 600kva 5200L x 1500w x 2460H
  • Canopy 700kva 6400L x 1650w x 2560H

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