Grid Tied

Grid tied for customers with a high kWh demand in day time. A grid tied inverter will reduce your current electricity bill by up to 50 – 80% when the sun is shining during day time and load conditions. This is a long term investment as equipment used are designed to last 25 years, with exceptional return on investment. Normally these systems pays itself off in 3 – 5 years, depending on electricity unit pricing. They are also installed with a complete monitoring system and a meter not to feed back into the grid, and this depends on your utility grid provider. Inverters and PV panels can be added as customer’s electricity production increases.

Copper Clover

50kw Schnieder Grid Tied solar system with 2 x 25kw inverters and 154 x 330w Canadian solar panels.

Langenhovenpark Spar

2 x 50kw Abb Grid tied inverters with 504 x 330w Canadian solar panels

Ventersburg Spar

130kw Abb Grid Tied solar system with 2 x 27.6kw, 1 x 20kw and 1 x 50kw inverters and 512 x 265w panels.

Westminister Estates

10kw Abb Grid Tied solar system with 32 x 330w Canadian solar panels.

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